Marlis Albrecht Bilder

I do not want to paint forests or people,
but rather the mystery that surrounds them.

After long experimentation with various materials I found in beeswax the medium with which my true artistic path as a painter began. Beeswax is a living substance that originates from plants and animals. For more than 25 years now I have been exploring the properties of beeswax in my painting.

Working with wax presents a special challenge. One must really want to undertake this challenge, to have strong reasons for pursuing this path. In my work I want to reduce the distance to the unknown and at the same time to retain it. Wax may be able to dissolve this contradiction. It directs the light inwards, allows you see through a painting without laying it bare.

When I discovered my material after years of searching, I was finally able to engage in figurative painting. Like no other medium I used before, wax yielded the result I had long had in mind.

Initially, in conjunction with this technique three categories of works were defined: paintings with single, two, or with several subjects.

In 2008 an additional, important theme was added. I began painting my “Walden” series.

In this category works are grouped together that deal with trees and forests as a source of strength and that also represent places of depth and inwardness. For me they are indicative of remembered situations experienced in forests which I would like to describe in paintings.

In everything that I depict in my paintings, I want to make a presence freed from both space and palpable time.